Monday, 11 May 2015

Isle of Wight 2015

Our Year 6 children are going on a residential trip to the Isle of Wight from 18-22 May. 

 The children and teachers have been invited to post their comments and experiences whilst they are away.....
On the Boat!

Dinosaur Isle


On the Beach


At the Playground

Osborne House

Amazon World

Falconry Centre


 Alum Bay



  1. Hi mum and dad so far the Isle of Wight is amazing From Katie Bovington

  2. Hi Mum we've been to dinosaur island and were going to Osbourne House so excited from Alora

  3. Hi we are having a fabulous time here. I am very excited to go to Osbourne House where we play the role of being a servant. See you on Friday - Rachel Needham .

  4. We're having a great time at the Isle of Wight we've been to Dinosaur Island and now were going to Osbourne House. It's going to be great. See you all soon.
    From Molly

  5. The people in my room are good (Reece and Jacob W)

    - Jamie B

  6. Hi mum, I am in a room with Reece and Jamie B which I am very happy about.

    - Jacob

  7. The people in my room are good (Jamie B, Jacob W)

    - Reece

  8. Had a really good time at the beach. Had a really late night and a few sweets - Harry

  9. Hello, had a great time. Found some stuff, not many fossils though :(
    - Marcus

  10. I had a good time at the beach and I'm happy with the rooms (Nathan, Marcus and Harry) - Noah

  11. We have been really enjoying our trip so far but some are missing family back at home!

    Our favourite activity at the moment :
    Sophie : beach
    Lily: beach
    Fiona: Osbourne House
    Ella M: Osbourne House & beach
    Ellie : Osbourne House & beach

    Our trip so far has been amazing, fantastic and brilliant! Our window has a sea view and the food is yummy! As well as this, our room is the biggest out of everybody's!?? it has 2 rooms in 1 ! How cool ?! ??

    Really looking forward to the theatre!??

    At the moment Mrs Townsend is French plaiting all our hair for the theatre ! ??

    Tomorrow we are going to Allum Bay and maybe (depending on the weather!) on a boat trip around the Needles! We also might be making coloured sand!??

    Room 8 & 8A ,
    Sophie Barnes, Lily Jeyes, Ella Mortimer, Fiona Cox and Ellie Brooks

    Miss you parents!!!!!

  12. I had a great time at the beach playing rounders and had a few sweets with Harry, Noah and Marcus! - Nathan

  13. Today we had an amazing time at Amazon world and falconry! First we woke early in the morning! Then we took a long stroll across the beach where we could see the glistening sea. Finally, we reached our destination where we took the coach to the bird show where we watched owls and hawks swoop around the sky and skim the top of our heads. The we had a tractor trip around the farm and was able to stroke some animals. Eventually we arrived at Amazon World where we saw some amazing animals such as birds, penguins, lemurs, wallaby, insects, ocelot and much more. With the lemurs and wallaby we were aloud to go in their enclosure. Lastly we got back on the coach to our hotel to have tea and get ready for crazy golf!!

    Katie Bressington

  14. The Isle of Wight is very exciting. All the activities so far have been great.
    From Jacob M.

  15. Hi Mum and Dad, I miss you sooooooooooo much. I have had an excellent time and yesterday we went to Amazon World. My favourite animals were the red pandas, the meerkats and the baby ocelot - Millie M

  16. To Mum and Dad, so far in the Isle of Wight I have had tremendous fun. I have been to dinosaur Isle and I found a fossilised cuttle fish! I thought It looked cool and Reece had found a big one and a little one. At Amazon World I saw penguins, spiders, armadillos, poisonous frogs and a LAZY sloth! I am enjoying my visit and hope to see you soon.

    From Jamie D

  17. Hello! The Isle of Wight is amazing!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I have had lots of fun so far. Today we are going to the model village and maybe Alum Bay! All the children are enjoying themselves and are all shattered, including me and the teachers! We have already been to dinosaur fossil hunting, the beach, Osborne House, the theatre (which was really funny), the falconry centre, crazy golf and Amazon world. In Amazon world everyone fell in love with the penguins and the meerkats! We walked in with the lamas and found a little baby lama on the back of its back, it was so cute!!! Will see you tomorrow. Lucia

  18. Hi Mum and Dad, I miss you loads. But the Isle of Wight is really nice and I am having a great time. Yesterday we went to Amazon World and we saw loads of animals. Today we are going to Allum Bay and Godshill - Ella R


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