Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Isle of Wight 2016

The children are on their way to the Isle of Wight.  News and photos of their trip will be posted here throughout the week.

At Portsmouth
Getting on the Ferry

Dinosaur Isle

On the Beach

Owl & Falconry Centre

Amazon World


Osborne House 

Happy Birthday!!

 Alum Bay


Homeward Bound

Action Station




  1. Hi family, we found lots of fossils and dinosaur bones. We dug holes on the beach, played cricket and paddled (very cold).
    Sam, Ben, Finn and Jack

  2. Everyone had a good night sleep and are rested. We are now getting ready for breakfast and then visiting the Owl & Falconry Centre this morning and onto Amazon World this afternoon. Mrs Aliwell

  3. Dear Blisworth and Parents,
    We are having a great time in Isle of Wight, going to Dinosaur Isle, the beach, the falconry and Amazon World. Tonight we are going to the theatre; we have no idea what we are watching. We don't want to come back because we are having a whale of a time - Monty

  4. Our -Mine and Monty's- room is HUGE. We have found many fossils including bone, wood, sponge and shark teeth. Although not being a fossil, we collected many Frenchmen, Monty has an army of them. I am missing home but I'm still enjoying myself - Harry

  5. Hello, this is Tom and Joe messaging from across the water - we are having a great time in the Isle of Wight! We have done lots of fun activities so far, we have been to the Dinosaur Isle (we found some fossils), the beach - played cricket after getting soaked!).

    Today we went to the Falconry Centre - we went to the display and a falcon flew right across our heads and nearly took our hats off! We then visited Amazon world - Tom's favourite animal was the Lemurs : they licked the salt off his shoes from the beach!

    Looking forward to Osborne House tomorrow I only have one picture left! Having a great time.

  6. Hello this is Emmie. I'm having such a great time here in Isle of Wight. I am so pleased with my room I am with Sophie, Leah, Olivia and Caitlin.

    My favourite place I have been to so far is Amazon World -I really liked the monkeys and the sloth! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow because it is my Birthday but I have opened my presents from my friends in my room but I have not opened my cards!

    It has been lovely weather here; hope it's raining there, however we are having an AMAZING time!

  7. Hello it's Holly and Hannah, Isle of Wight has been amazing so far. We went to Dinosaur Isle yesterday and I (Holly) found 2 dinosaur bones! And I (Hannah) have found a fish, fools gold and a shark tooth all in one; it's really satisfying when you find treasure below your feet! :)

    Amazon World was cool as we saw a baby sloth learning to climb, walking through the heat of the actual Amazon was very realistic and really hot. We were able to buy some souvenirs as well as visiting the adventure play area. Before that, we went to the falconry centre and saw some high-speeding birds as they flew above our heads! A vulture sat beside us both it was very scary.

    We miss you at home but are having an amazing experience here in the Isle of Wight!

  8. Hello this is Leah and Olivia,

    Missing you Mum, dad and brother but having a really good time. Missing my mum dad and sisters. We are sharing a room with Sophie, Emmie and Caitlin. On Monday we found some fossils, sponge and oyster shell. We are looking forward to going to the theatre and also Emmie's birthday on Wednesday. Really looking forward to more activities, Leah and Olivia - Bye

  9. Hi this is Caitlin and Sophie.

    Missing you lots, I hope you're all fine Mum Dad and sisters and brothers. We have had so much fun and I'm so happy I came! Missing you so much. I'm so excited for Osborne house. When we went to Amazon world we walked through an Amazon jungle and it was amazing! Bye

  10. After a very energetic singing and dancing session at the theatre last night, the children have been worn out and went to sleep very quickly. We had to wake a few of them up this morning but we are now ready for another day, starting with Osborne House - Mrs Aliwell

  11. Hello I'm Jana - The theatre was great, about vampires:-). Was A LOT of screaming and singing and the story line was exciting. A lot of sore voices this morning after trying to hear yourself over the crowd. Loads of schools in there too.

  12. Hello, I'm Emma - The theatre last night was really fun. Had great audience interaction and all of the songs were amazing and they were all VERY well-known. I had great fun last night and Tom and Joe's dancing was amazing!! I miss you mum and dad but I'm having a great time. I can't wait to see you on Friday and I hope you're okay.

  13. Hi I'm Storm - Hi Dad, Ness and Eden. Last night was the best night of all! We all went to a theatre; it was really loud, because there were lots of schools. During the dancing parts of the theatre, Blisworth barely danced but on the last two songs we went wild . It was the best night ever. Can't wait 'till Friday when I see you, I have some presents for you all . I miss you all, bye.

    Ps. Happy Birthday Emmie :-)

  14. Hello this is Emmie I miss you so much mum, Richard, Avie, Leo and my beautiful puppy Mabel.
    I can't believe I was a servant on my Birthday; I had to polish shoes, make food and set the table. The lady was really strict but in the end she was really nice - she was called Jenny.

    We then went to crazy golf; I was with Jasmine, Leah and Caitlin: my best score was 17. I lost with 102 and jasmine won.

    I'm having an amazing time; the weather is still great.

  15. Hi it's Jasmine. Today was great. We went to Osborne house, then we did crazy golf. I won and Emmie lost. It was so much fun. It's 9.40 and we are playing cards and ludo.

    I'm in a room with Alex ,Beth ,Jada and meeeeeee. So much fun - good night/morning/afternoon for you.

  16. Hi it's Leah. Today we had so much fun. What we did was in the morning we went to Osborne house and we were servants. The boss's name was Mrs Pilkington. She was so strict if we did something wrong. In the evening we played crazy golf and Emmie lost, Jas came first. Bye now, see you on Friday.

  17. Hi it's Beth, today we had a brilliant time at Osborne House and we were servants. I had to: polish shoes, make a bed and make tea; also I was called Nancy for my servant name. We all went to crazy golf and I came joint third with Jack. Besides that I'm in a room with: Alex, Jas and Jada. I miss you so much mum, dad and Brad, I will see you soon on Friday . Love you, bye.

  18. Hi it's Jada. Today was fun, I had an amazing time. We went to Osborne house and experienced what it would be like in Queen Victoria's era as servants; It was great but I wouldn't like to do that 24/7. I also loved going to crazy golf in Sandown. Some of the stations were challenging and also great. I have enjoyed my time so far in the Isle of Wight. See you soon!

  19. Hi it's Olivia. Had a really good time at Osborne house today; being servants was fun. Crazy golf tonight was also good: I was with Jada and Sophie, however I didn't win. Missing all my family x see you soon.

  20. Hi it's Alex. Today l had a really good time at Osborne house but being servants was hard: we had to make the bed, set the table and scrub shoes! We went to crazy golf and I came 2nd in my group.

    See you soon love Alex xxx

  21. Dear Blisworth and Parents,

    We have really enjoyed ourselves so far, after being to the theatre and Osborne House. At the theatre we watched a show called Fangtastic and you could make as much noise as you wanted. It was about a girl and a boy who go to a haunted house, the home of Count Dracula. It was also about 300 decibels. Although most of the class enjoyed it, some didn't. Osborne House was very interesting, looking at many of the 146 ROOMS!!!

    We then walked down to the beach and got an ice cream or a drink (orange juice or hot chocolate). I had 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream with a fudge piece. IT WAS HUGE!!!!!!
    Today we are going to Godshill model village and Alum Bay. We are really enjoying ourselves.


  22. Hello it's Holly and Hannah.

    Yesterday we went to Osborne House. We all became servants for the morning - our names were Sarah and Charity. It was really cool to experience the lifestyle of a Victorian servant, we had to polish boots, make a bed (which was very complicated!),grind sugar, coffees and tea and set the table in a very difficult way! Afterwards we played an 18 whole round of crazy golf. The whole day was really fun and can't wait for today!

  23. Hello, this is Jack, Finn, Sam and Ben. Today we're going to the model village and Alum bay. We are REALLY excited but we are missing you too. We have presents for our family.

    We love you and see you soon.

  24. Hi, I'm Emma. Today we are going to the model village in Godshill. We are also going to Alum Bay which has lots of shops to buy some presents for you. We are also going on a ferry ride on the sea. We have bought lots of presents for you guys and we hope you like them.

    I miss you sooooo much and I can't wait to see you mum on Friday and dad on Saturday. Love you xxxxxx

  25. Hi it's Beth, Today we're going to model village in Godshill also, we're going to Alum Bay which you can buy loads of presents for my family and me. I've brought loads of things. I miss you soon much I love you see you on Friday bye.

  26. I enjoyed Osborne House because I liked the amazing sculptures. I am looking forward to Godshill model village because I want to see miniature buildings and lakes. I have finally found another lizard for my collection, which I bought at Amazon World on Tuesday. On Monday I found many fossilised wood and more gemstones for my other collection.


  27. Everyone is having a good time. We are getting ready to go to the model village, then onto Alum Bay. If the weather stays ok we will then have our boat cruise.

    Mrs Aliwell

  28. Thursday - The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the model village and Alum Bay. We have the disco tonight. They are now packing and tomorrow we’ll have our last activity, ‘Action Stations’ at Portsmouth Docks before making our way home - Mrs Aliwell


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