Friday, 11 May 2018

Isle of Wight 2018

The children in Year 6 will be away on their residential trip to the Isle of Wight from Monday 21st May until Friday 25th May.  Photos and comments will be made on this blog throughout the week.

First Comfort Break

Arrived at Portsmouth 

Tate posing for the camera!!

George & Jacob making sure Mrs Irwin is still awake!!

Lunch on the Ferry

The children have now arrived safely on the Isle of Wight (13.55)

Dinosaur Island

George looking impressed with his find!!

Looking at Dinosaur Fossils

Having so much fun here on the Isle of Wight although we do miss you! The ferry was relaxing and we loved watching the waves float past; we made massive waves behind us! Dinosaur Isle was amazing but we didn’t find any bones! The museum had some robotic dinosaurs that made authentic noises - a bit scary when the roar caught us unawares!

The hotel owners are very friendly and we’ve had a delicious dinner. We’re now off to the beach with our spades.... some of us may even have a paddle in the sea! 

We’re all having a great time. We’re all completely over-excited and we’re enjoying it so far. We loved the ferry and really wanted to find some amazing fossils on the beach but we didn’t today. Dinner was really tasty and we’re on our way to the beach to play games. None of us are missing parents at the moment - a few of us our missing our dogs!

Having so much fun but missing you all. We love who we are sharing rooms with. It took a long time to get here, we had a few stops along the way to break up the journey. We liked the shop at Dinosaur Island and spent our money on all sorts of things. Lots of us have matching bracelets!  Just going down to the beach, some of us are digging and some of us are going to read our books!!!!

At the Beach

Early morning walk to the beach

Falconry Centre

Picnic Lunch

Keeping cool!!!

Amazon World

Guess who's on the left!!!

We really enjoyed the beach on Monday evening. It gave us the chance to run around and to get rid of some of our energy. Archie got stuck in the sand, Tate sat down in the water but forgot he didn’t have dry clothes with him to change into.  :-). Zak was covered in sand from head to foot.  We played frisbee, and splashing at the edge of the water.

Amazon World was amazing. Everyone loved the meerkats and the monkeys.  The shop was amazing but was very expensive.  We thought the falconry display was jaw-dropping because everyone who wanted to, got to ‘fly’ a falcon. Archie liked the Harris Hawk because it was called Archie.

The beach was really nice on Monday evening but the water was very cold even though we were only paddling. We played tennis on the beach - very badly. We we enjoyed the walk there - downhill - but we all struggled on the uphill journey home especially after a long day.

Thea was being a pirate in the bedroom and making us all laugh. We’re trying to win the tidy bedroom award. Everyone is doing their bit. One of the dads gave us money to buy a treat and we thought that was really nice - thank you whoever it was.

The falconry display was cool.  The birds flew very close over our heads. Our favourite was Buzz the Barn Owl. Amazon World was excellent but it was really, really hot in there. We liked the monkeys and the ocelots best. The playground outside was excellent, there were climbing things and other activities that were really challenging.

Thank you for the donation from a kind person who paid for us all to have a slushy at Amazon World.

The birds of prey were very interesting but even better, we got to fly them which we enjoyed; Buzz the barn owl was lighter than Archie the falcon. At first we thought Ringo the vulture with a pink face was ugly but after looking at him closely we realised he was pretty cute with useful features. His face went white when he stopped being excited. We also like the ferrets with their maze of tunnels to run through; we were amazed at how they managed to squeeze through the tight space.

We liked the experience of the rainforest even though it was VERY hot and steamy. We enjoyed going in with the lemurs and the wallabies. Outside we got to watch the endangered African penguins being fed. There were fascinating birds with lovely colours and a macaw which said hello.

After dinner we are off to play crazy golf at Pirates Cove which some of us passed on our early morning walk along the seafront before breakfast.

In the Hotel

Struggling to wake up!!

Wonder who's bedroom this is!!!


Osbourne House Play Area

Having another picnic

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