Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Year 3

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24th June 2015  
Todays bloggers are Sadie and Thea.
This week we had to move everything from our classroom into the Year 6 classroom as the building work is going to begin soon! We were very excited to be in a different room and it has been great as we have lots of space. We are going to be having our lessons in Year 6 until the end of term, and Year 6 have moved up to the scout hut!
Take a look at how different our class looks with everything removed...

17th June 2015

Todays  blogers are Andrew and Jasmine
We have been leaning about transport in our topic. We are going to tell you some intresting facts about trains now.

  • Early trains relied on ropees horses or gravity.

  • Trains are built to transpart passengers or cargo along rail tracks.

10th June 2015:

This weeks bloggers are QUINN and Jasmine .

We went on a class trip to Everdon woods.
We made our own dens before lunch. After lunch we looked for bugs and played with water pistols.

It was great fun!!

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