Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Year 5

Year 5 trip to Cadbury's World

Todays bloggers are Jada S and Monty H

On Tuesday, year 5 went to Cadbury's World in Birmingham.
We went by coach, which was awsome because we all got to chat, and every time we passed a lorry we waved to them (basically playing sweet or sour).

When we arrived, everyone was excited, because they knew it was going to be an adventurous experience. We went into the Mayan exhibition and it was fab. We read facts about the Mayans were

fasinated by the things that surrounded us.

When we got into the factory we got a sample of melted chocolate with toppings. IT WAS SOOOO YUMMY!

We went into a room called Richard Cadbury's room and had a Mayan talk with a man called Colin. We learnt lots of interesting facts.

The last part was going into the gift shop and buying nearly the whole shop. I (Jada) got a Freddo teddy and a whole box of bubblegum, Monty got 3 bags of Whisper bites, 5 fudges, 2 Curly Whirlys, and a bag of cherry drops.

Our favourite thing to do at Cadbury's World was going to the 4D experience. It was amazing! The whole class enjoyed it. We would highly reccommend it.

This afternoon a team of nurses came to talk to us about puberty. We were all very sensible and found out lots of things that we didn't know about growing up!

Thank you for reading our blog, see you next week!

Year 5 mexican day!!!

Our bloggers today are JoeF and AshelyP

Year five had a mexican day on Monday. We made made our tortillas, salsa and guacamole but the tortillas were very floury!
To make the tortillas we mixed water and flour then cooked them on the hob. The other people in your group made salsa and guacamole.
For the salsa we cut and mashed a load of vegetables like tomatoes, onions and more!
We made the guacamole by doing the same thing just with different veggies.
After that we all tried it and some people didnt like it, but every one had it to try. (One tortilla each with a bit of salsa and guacamole).
Here are some pictures...

Later that day in PE we started a Mexican dance, it was very tiring! We have a video of the dance, but you'll have to wait until next week to see that :-)

Year 5 Girls Cricket Tournament

Our bloggers today are: Olivia H and Holly E

Nine Year Five and Six girls went to Horton House Cricket Club to play against other teams in the cluster. The first thing we did was have a team talk with our cricket coach. Before the matches began we got some extra practice, to warm up. We had three pitches and there was eight teams which meant one had to sit out.  

Game 1- we played Caroline Chisholm school & we won!
Game 2- we played Pitsford school & we won again! one of our players had to go and play for Pitsford as they were a player down...
Game 3- we sat out
Game4- we played Yardley Gobian & we lost by 2 runs meaning we came 2nd place out of 8 schools!

We has a really good time & were pleased to come 2nd, and hope to win next time!

Welcome to the Year Five blog!
Your Year Five bloggers this week are Monty H and Joe F!

For the last two weeks Year Five have been doing Bikeability, we have been completing stage one, however, various people have been doing stage two which is going around the roads of Blisworth.
In stage one first we learnt how to check our helmets by ajusting them at the back even though some helmets were the right size.

After we had to check our bikes by doing an M check. Firstly we checked our front spokes making sure they were tight and seeing if the tire was flat. Then we went up to our handle bars and front brakes, then we went back down to the chain making sure it wasn't loose, Keirut's chain broke and he kept on falling off!

After that we went up again checking the seat making sure it is not moving or flying off like mine!
Then we went down once more to do the same thing as the front. My brake could've snapped.

Did you know?

Did you know that the M check can take 30 seconds to do!

We learnt the basics by cycling around the yellow court on the playground and about signalling and we did that by high fiving the instructors. We also checked over our shoulders.

We learnt a few things that we had to remember for next week like hand signals because next week we'll be going on to the road. 


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